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Although the deadline for TMA is midnight on April 30th , you are strongly advised to submit TMA before that date. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that your work is submitted in the correct format. Anything submitted after the midnight deadline on April 30th will not count for assessment purposes and as a consequence you will not be able to pass the course.
You should read this page thoroughly before beginning your assignment. There is a lot of material to take in, particularly [My E-Library] category in ACES, which include thousands of electronic books, reference sources, electronic databases and electronic journals. If there is anything that you are unsure about, please ask your Tutor.
Important note: At least two weeks before the cut-off date for the assignment, you should advise your tutor of the particular theme you wish to take in the development of your web page, from the list of subjects offered in the assignment details. Please do this by e-mail so that your tutor can confirm your approach or let you know if a change would be advisable.

Purpose of this assignment

This is your only tutor-marked assignments (TMA). It is 'summative' which means that it will have a major influence upon the grade you are awarded at the end of the course. You will also be provided with feedback from your tutor on how you are doing and how your work might have been improved.
It has been designed to:
1. Give you some practice in completing open university assignments
2. Help you to become more practiced at submitting assignments online using the electronic learning management system (ACES).
3. help you to become a more reflective learner.
4. Concentrate on the learning outcomes concepts by improving your :
a. Knowledge and understanding skills by review [My E-Library].
b. Comparative skills by comparing and commenting on Web Browsers Applications.
c. Presentation skills by implementing and designing your web pages
5. Give you some practice in creating HTML documents;

What the assignment is about
In completing this assignment you will need to apply some of your learning from:
Computing with confidence; concerning the ability to be a good information seeker by using electronic library in ACES.
The creation of your individual web page, concerning the comparisons of Web Browsers Applications.
You will also need to use the skill of reflection and apply course concepts from Effective group work online (Section 2), to analyze the group work which you were involved in (TGA02) and make useful contributions by applying the principals of Netiquette article (Acknowledge others, thanks before criticize, avoid flaming…).
Your tutor will give you guidance in your Tutor Group Activity no.1 on how to contribute the forum efficiently.

What you have to do
There are three main parts to this assignment:
Part 1: Concerns your experiences in Computing with confidence and Web skills for clarifying how to find any book, journal or reference for a specific article from electronic library in ACES, and present it professionally.
Part 2: concerns the results of your individual work in developing your web skills in the browsing, defining and commenting the Web Browsers Applications.
Part 3: You need to participate (TGA02) and make useful contributions by applying the principals of Netiquette, you need also to think about how well you and the other students interacted in an effective online group work to negotiate part 1 and part 2 concerns in depth, in order to produce a clear view for the TMA requirements and some solution scenarios.
Each part of the TMA should be produced as a separate document using your HTML editor. This is to give you additional practice in using your HTML editor as well as to simplify the assignment by keeping the file formats consistent between each part.
Most of the marks will be awarded for the content and clarity of your responses in each of the parts. You will also need to give some thought to the way you present your work, as some marks are awarded for this too.

Part 1 Computing with confidence (40 marks – 300 words max.)
Based on [ACES] > [My E-Library] > [Reference sources] > [Computing]:
You are requested to develop a web page for a book summary concerning “E-Learning” article. Your web page should include the following:
(35 Marks)
 Title of the book.
 ISBN10.
 Description (150 word max.)
 List 5 main contents (without any details or clarifications.)
 No. of pages.
 Author (50 word max.).
 Save the file as HTML

The presentation of your Web page is important, use backgrounds, themes, image of the book, borders, different fonts for the titles and sub-titles. You can use office templates to design your Web Page. (5 Marks)

Part 2 Creating an individual page for browsing, commenting and comparing the features of Web Browsers applications. (45 marks - 750 words max.)
The individual web page that you will produce should prove your web search skills, concerning the web browsers applications.
Create 3 links for Web Browsers Applications. Marks will be awarded for the variety and breadth of your sources. (9 marks)
For each link, write a paragraph describing that site and commenting upon how easy it is to navigate and find the information you desire. In this way the audience will know what to expect if they go for it. Marks will be awarded for the clarity of your description. (12 marks)

For each link, a paragraph reviewing the content of the site. In particular: (15 marks)
• What is the history of the application software that concerns the link?
• What are the features and/or drawbacks of the application software?
• What about usability of the site?
• How up to date does the site appear to be?

You should limit your review of each site to no more than 250 words. You should write no more than 750 words in total for this part.

Presentation and technical aspects of your individual page include (9 marks).
The operation of your web/HTML links to external sources;

The use of HTML links within your work so a reader can move about the different sections with ease (navigation);

You should use your creativity and enhance the layout of your web pages by adding images to the page and changing the colors of the text to add emphasis and visual impact.

Use of titles and headings to draw attention to the nature of different parts of your work;

Enhance the layout of your work and the use of colors;

Adherence to the words count limit.

Copyright issues: Your page will certainly include links to other sites, and may include pictures from those other sites. Copyright law protects material on the World Wide Web just as it protects material in print or on TV, radio or in films. In general, you cannot incorporate material from other sources in your own work without first receiving permission from the copyright holder. Copyright law does allow students special concessions but these are very limited. As a student you may use copyright material for your own personal study purposes only. This includes using copyright material submitted as part of an assignment for assessment. If you later want to use the same material for any other purpose, you must seek permission. This assignment will count towards your final assessment score and therefore fulfils this criterion, but you should:
Include a caption acknowledging the source (the URL) and date accessed of any graphic or illustration you include from another site;

Use quotation marks when you quote directly from another site, another student or any other source; you must also acknowledge the source (for websites give the URL and date accessed).

Part 3 Summarizing the group work in your TGA02 concerning the efficiency of online group working (15 marks - 400 words max.)

You are requested to develop a web page concerning [TGA02 Participations]. Your web page should include the following: (15 Marks)
 Title.
 Acknowledge your group efforts.
 A copy of your effective participations.
 also need to use the skill of reflection and apply course concepts from Effective group work online (Section 2), to analyze the group work which you were involved in (TGA02) and make useful contributions by applying the principals of Netiquette article (Acknowledge others, thanks before criticize, avoid flaming…).Asks you to think about how well you and the other students interacted in part1 and part2 to produce a consensus regarding the issues of [My E-Library] and/or Computer applications.

Submitting your work

You should submit the following:

• Index page as a separate HTML document contains links to the following:

• Part 1 web page.

• Part 2 web page.

• Part 3 web page.

You are required to submit only one file for this assignment, but you will have several. There is a way of combining several files into one, and at the same time compressing them all so they take up much less space. This is called 'zipping', and there are many programs available which zip and unzip files. There are copies of two zip programs called WinRar and WinZip. You can use either of these to zip your work but WinZip is particularly popular and reliable.
Your zipped file should be submitted through the ACES.
Deadline for submission:
The cut-off date for this assignment is April 30th, 2009.

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