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icelavam will become famous soon enough
افتراضي Adidas Originals Jeans Ftwr Weiß / Collegiate Grün

Russell Adidas Originals Jeans Westbrook's got one of the most unorthodox signature shoes ever, his sneaker not being performance-oriented despite him being a top-level NBA player.The shoe is back at it again with this new colorway, a white-on-white with golden accents on the dubraes and insoles.**This new pair marks the first release of the Jordan Westbrook 0 Low, a relatively straightforward shortened version of his signature offering.The Jordan Westbrook 0 Low is available now directly via Nike here.Jordan Westbrook 0 LowColor: White/White/WhiteStyle #:**850772-100Price: $110 Brandon RichardIf you've been keeping an eye on Pusha T's Twitter account, you know that he was one of the selected few that got his hands on Ewing Athletics 33 Hi kicks before they hit stores. On the runway, models typically wore the stretch boot variation of the silhouette, however they'll also be available in stretch ankle boot cut (strongly reminiscent of the Air Jordan XX8) and revised edition of the original Runner. Images via eBayby Brendan DunneNike's recent contract extension with Ohio State University means that fans of the school can look forward to Buckeyes-branded Swoosh gear for years to come.If OSU supporters are looking for more good news, they'll be happy to know that this special edition treatment of the Nike LeBron Soldier 9 is headed to retail. by Brandon RichardThe "Blackout" 750 won't be the only pair of adidas Yeezy Boosts releasing this month.According to Foot Locker Europe, December will close out with the Yeezy 350 Boost in "Oxford Tan." Kanye West debuted the colorway on-foot at this year's MTV Video Music Awards.This will be the fourth colorway of the Yeezy 350 to release since the model launched in June. If such a shoe were to see a retail release it would certainly upset purists out there, but pairs like this have had no problem selling out recently, so there's definitely a market.

That moment was guided by Marlene Stewart, the film’s costumer designer, who worked with Nike to get the footwear for Space Jam and designed the iconic Tune Squad jerseys.“This was kind of a marriage made in heaven because everyone had the same goal. Tell us how this stacks up against Bodega's other Reebok Pump from this year and stay tuned for Adidas Originals Jeans Ftwr Weiß more sneaker release dates at Sole Collector. UPDATE 10/17: New images via PackerShoes. Brennan Hiro WilliamsJeff Staple's Reed Space store sent out the above image today with the caption "COMING SOON," teasing an upcoming collaboration between U.K. The sneakers have a patriotic aesthetic to them, a denim upper that calls to mind the album art for Born in the U.S.A., and even a guitar pick tossed in that makes the theme somewhat more explicit.This Nike Dunk CMFT release is available now at Sneaker Bistro and other NSW accounts. Jumpman Team Flow Year: 2005They may not have released during the ‘Golden Era’ of Team Jordans, but the Jumpman Team Flow had its fair share of popularity. Brandon RichardAn event 16 years in the making, Michael Jordan has given an exclusive interview to Kicks Magazine for the first time.Within the pages, MJ dishes on the Air Jordan XX9, his own legacy and more.

Images via Sneaker Politicsby Brendan DunneThe Air Jordan Future Low's summer dominance continues with this, another pair sporting the woven upper/icy bottom equation.What should make the sneaker slightly more appealing for traditionalists, if traditionalists can even get into the idea of an updated Jordan 11, is that the pair here features a Chicago Bulls-looking colorway. by Brandon RichardTonight, LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers are looking to take a 3-1 Adidas Originals Jeans Ftwr Weiß / Collegiate Grün series lead in the NBA Finals.Hoping to nudge closer to his goal of bringing an NBA championship to Cleveland, James showed up to The Q wearing the "Bred" Air Jordan 1 Retro. Between the success of the Yeezy line and the popularity of the Ultra Boost and NMD, the brand has been the talk of the sneakerhead community.It appears that popularity is translating into real-world numbers too. Basically, the Air Jordan III looked like no other shoe on the court at the time and the man responsible for its distinctive design was a little known (at the time) designer named Tinker Hatfield. This upcoming pair shifts the base from black to grey, and again features the iridescent look that comes alive under the proper flash. by Brendan DunneReebok's set of collaborators for the Reebok Pump 25 is a familiar group.It's almost as if every boutique and entity that worked on a pair of the Reebok Insta Pump Fury earlier in the year has been called back in to do the same for this silhouette.

A white midsole and full red translucent outsole finish this pair off.The 'FILAdelphia' Fila Spaghetti will be available exclusively in-store at Packer Shoes in New Jersey and Ubiq in Philadelphia as well as online at packershoes and ubiqlife on Saturday, August 9 in limited fashion.images via ps941 You can ball in these!"Or, enjoy his revelation Adidas BB7440 about the design process around son Lonzo Ball's first signature shoe."Everything on that shoe, Lonzo created," LaVar**says. Brennan Hiro WilliamsIt might not be the all red sneaker Nike Sportswear fans were hoping for this summer, but the new Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse QS "4th of July" should still make waves in the coming weeks. Colorways set to release include combinations of Red/White and Black/White.Check both pairs out below, and be sure to stick with Sole Collector for US release details on Hiroshi Fujiwara's latest project with the Swoosh.via HS 3.Releasing with the shoes are limited apparel pieces again launching only at Concepts.Image via New BalanceImage via New BalanceImage via New BalanceImage via New Balance** Available in Ballistic Grey and Tech Brown, the military-influenced Breton Boot features a water-resistant upper with mesh details and ballistic nylon webbing.
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